Minggu, 25 September 2016

Flying Too Close To The Poetic World!

Today we are going to discuss something about poetrism. Yes, you heard it right. I made atypical word because I wanted the topic to appear different from the usual humdrum of writing verses. A phrase or a poem flames our souls the royals and the regal had exceptional poets in their court that made beautiful lyrics in praise of the kingdom and their rulers. In simple terms, a poem is nothing but a musical expression of unsaid and beautiful. Nowadays it also relates with the harsh and ugly facts of life. However, I am taking you folks to that mystical world where rhythmic words and soulful music built the prophecy of poetries.

When a poet or a lyricist sits to write his/her piece, his prime focus is on the subject that he wants to dwell. The poet cannot have a detour from the basic fact, he has to stick to the unconventional. It can be consensual love, mysticism, divinity, realism, prophecy, ugly hell, or even a striking maiden mistaken for a witch. There are lot many subject, immense ideas and several words that can express your thoughts in a different perspective. This is what poetry is all about. We put the words in such a way that it sounds familiar yet unfamiliar. We can predict the daffodils swaying in the wind. We can see the princess screaming when her precious lock is cut. We can portray the pain and bullishness of the poet when he gives up his powers of writing. All these things are reflected when we imbibe the words in our heart. The centuries have seen the rise and the downfall of poets. Some of them had a painful childhood, dirty background, and some were breathing with a silver spoon. All of them wrote according to the feel that they got by their backdrop. The alluring similes, metaphors paradox, and euphemism added a tinge of excitement in their words. Poetry in general is never a boring subject. It raises the spirit of the dullest person on the earth and can change his destiny. Poems have that immense power to build the ism of positivity in you.

The ancient poetries have evoked the inner imaginations of the world. What normal people could not think of because of boundaries these poets made their dreams come true. Their lines actually built confidence in us and we got up and achieved our goals. A poem does not always lull you in fantasies but it also shows you the raw-realism of life. With a tinge of sarcasm, hopelessness, humour, wrath and hatred (T.S. ELIOT- THE WASTELAND) it brings you downward.

A poetry is something that rail-roads you to the path of beauty and mysticism. You can become anything in life and grab your destination but that beautiful verse residing inside you will never die.

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